After the devastating events in Beirut, Lebanon earlier this year. Fernando Barraza wanted to help in anyway possible, and after being approached by good friend Correan Gazal he couldn't say no.

With 2 weeks to produce a full event Fernando and his team went into autopilot and pulled off the impossible, add the Covid-19 pandemic and its own restrictions that the team had to work within. 

A stellar lineup of performers Prinnie Stevens, Sharon Muscat, Clarissa Spata, Double Touch, Van-Anh Nguyen, Couture Air, Duo Aura and Dandana entertained our 150 guests 

An incredible effort in producing this event and raising over $300,000 for the people of Lebanon. 

Creative Direction | Styling | Entertainment - FB Creative

Venue: 12 Micron 

Charity: Steps of hope

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